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A New Nordic Diet


Idégryden (literally the Pot of Ideas) has been launched to establish a dialogue between people who are engaged in food, sustainability and nutrition - and to gather input for the development of the New Nordic Diet.


Part of the OPUS project

The website is a part of the OPUS research project at the Faculty of Life Sciences (LIFE) at the University of Copenhagen. The research project is funded by Nordea-fonden and led by Professor, MD Arne Astrup.


The objective of OPUS is to study whether a diet based on Nordic produce can help counteract obesity and malnutrition – especially among children.


Focus on flavour, health and children

Idégryden is for everyone with an interest in health, delicious food, sustainability and children – or in just one of these areas. By sharing recipes, helpful tips and tricks, comments, opinions or just by searching for inspiration, it is possible to influence the future of the New Nordic Diet.


The goal is to achieve increased well-being and a healthier lifestyle through healthy and flavourful foods made from produce that is native to the Nordic region.


Nordic foods and principles

Idégryden was launched in an effort to underpin the development of a New Nordic Diet – a development spearheaded by Claus Meyer, gastronomic entrepreneur and Affiliated Professor at LIFE, who is head of Work Package 1 (WP1) under OPUS.


The New Nordic Diet is based on Nordic produce and principles. It will be tested in the real world when 200 adults participate in a six-month dietary intervention from August 2010, where LIFE will supply them with Nordic produce which they then prepare themselves.


New Nordic Diet in schools

The New Nordic Diet will also be tested on children when 1,600 schoolchildren in years 3 and 4 participate in a six-month intervention starting in August 2011, where they will help prepare and be served lunches based on Nordic produce and principles.

We need your help

Even though WP1 has brought together many of Denmark’s most talented chefs and nutritionists, we also know that there are parents, cooks in institution kitchens, home economics teachers and dieticians out there who possess vast stores of knowledge that can help us in the development of the New Nordic Diet.


We are interested in knowledge about food handling and preparation, tips on how to get kids to eat more Brussels sprouts and celeriac (or just how to get them to eat them at all) and inspiration on how to use wild Nordic berries and pheasant.

This is why we have created Idégryden – to establish a dialogue and gather input for the development of the New Nordic Diet.

Delicious food combined with good health

Our aim is not to forbid people to eat food from Italy, Thailand – or even McDonald’s. Our aim is to create a New Nordic Diet that unites good flavour with good health, that is accessible and inspiring and that you and your children will actually enjoy eating. We want to create the (world’s best) New Nordic Diet of the future.


Read more about OPUS here.

Tips og tricks

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